Chanterelle soup   109:-

Served with gratinated bread with västerbotten cheese and topped with deep-fried chanterelles.

Toast Skagen   109:-

Classic Toast Skagen with hand peeled shrimps.

Chicken Wings   89:-/ 159:-

(5 /10st)

Delicious, spicy chicken wings.

Smoked Reindeer   109:-

Served on dark rye bread (kavring), horseradish cream and topped with deep-fried chanterelles.

. MAIN .

Sirloin Steak   269:-

Cooked to your liking.

Served with chips, béarnaise sauce, red wine reduction,oven dried tomatoes and corn on the cob.

Lamb sausage  209:-

Served with potato puree, truffle mayo, deep-fried chanterelles and a click of red wine sauce.

Shepherd's Pie  189:-

Classic Shepherd`s Pie.


Fish & Chips   189:-

Fresh cod fillet, beer battered and deep fried. With chips, green peas purée & tartar sauce.

BBQ Ribs  199:-

Sticky, tender, glazed short ribs. Served with corn on the cob, chips & coleslaw.

Ceasar salad  169:-

Chicken, bacon, parmesan cheese, roman lettuce, crutons, cocktail tomato & Ceasar dressing.

Club Sandwich  179:-

Chicken, Levain bread, bacon, avocado mix, lettuce, onion, tomatoes, sriracha mayo & chips.


Burgers are served in a Brioche bun, with lettuce, tomato, chips & coleslaw.

Cheese & Bacon   179:-

200g ground prime rib & brisket, sriracha mayo and pickled red onion.


Halloumi   179:-

Fried Halloumi cheese, mango and chipotle mayo, grilled bell pepper and grilled zucchini.


Chef`s Burger    199:-

Ask the staff.


Extra Meat 60:-        Extra Halloumi 60:-


Just Chips   49:-

Coleslaw   25:-

Small Mix Salad   39:-



Bearnaise sauce | Aioli | Red wine sauce |

BBQ sauce | Sriracha mayo | Avocado mix


for kids only

Fish & Chips   89:-

Smaller portion of Fish & Chips.

Cheese Burger   89:-

Burger with cheese in a bun, chips & dip.

Pancakes   89:-

Served with whipped cream & strawberry jam.




Toast Skagen

Classic Toast Skagen with hand peeled shrimps.



Sirloin Steak

Cooked to your liking.
Served with chips, béarnaise sauce, red wine reduction,
oven dried tomatoes and corn on the cob.




Special prices on selected dishes from the O'Connor's kitchen

Saturday 12 - 16


Creme Brulee   89:-

Served with berry of the season.

Truffle   35:-

Lovely home made chocolate truffle, perfect with coffee.

Ice Cream   69:-

Vanilla ice cream with home made chocolate sauce and raspberrys.

Chocolate Mousse   89:-

Served with candied almonds and amaretto marinated cherries.


Truffle, Whiskey & Coffee   99:-

Lovely home made chocolate truffle with 3cl Irish Whiskey and a single espresso.

If you are allergic or have any dietary requests, please talk to our staff and we will fit it to your needs as much as we possibly can!